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Anchor Fish Printing offers t-shirt screen printing, embroidery, vinyl signs, banners, stickers, and merchandise printing. We offer our services to fit any need: company logos, advertising, group events, uniforms, charity events…you name it, we’ve got you covered! We can help you materialize your vision with prints that are sure to capture everyone’s attention.

We have been screen printing for over a decade and our quality products have remained the preferred choice for people and organizations across the nation. Our team of graphic design specialists make sure that every one of our clients are satisfied with their product. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and we will always make sure your time working with us is easy and hassle-free.

We serve the greater Chicago area including Evanston and Skokie and offer shipping across the U.S.
Want to get the best quality prints on your merch? We’ve got you covered!

Whether you are launching your own brand or simply want to get a fully customized wardrobe, Anchorfish Chicago can take care of all your printing needs! We pride ourselves in producing not only the best quality work, but also in remaining true to the traditional methods of apparel design!

Our top two main services – Screen Printing and Embroidery – have always been the first choice of many of our clients because of three reasons:

1. Top grade print quality that you can always trust.
2. Durable and longer-lasting finish!
3. Preferred by customers!

Technological advances have made printing and ink-to-fabric transfers easier and more convenient. While we 100% support these changes and love the revolutionary changes it brings forth to the industry, we also remain true and loyal to the traditional methods of apparel design. We want to make sure that these methods live on and forever impact the world of printing services – just because they’re some of the best methods that has ever existed!

Screen printing, for instance, may be tedious and time-consuming but the end results fully justify the amount of work it takes to create the design. From the careful selection of the screen to use, to the intricate shaping of the stencil for the design, down to the viscosity of the fabric paint – all these factors are carefully taken into consideration so that everything meshes together in perfect harmony....

At the end of the day, when machines break down and electricity shuts off, the screen-printing method will continue to live on as long as there are skilled hands who are ready to do the work!

If you are planning to launch your own merch, start your own brand, or customize your wardrobe for your personal use, consider screen-printing your designs! It lasts longer, looks a gazillion times better, and most of all, it has the raw charm of handmade goods – something many people come to appreciate when it comes to shopping for everyday wear!

Dare to be different and don’t just settle for whatever is most convenient! Anchorfish Chicago can get you quality screen-printed designs fast, easy, and affordable.

Aside from Screen Printing, another service our company offers is Embroidery.

One of the oldest methods of fabric design, Embroidery is a long and enduring form of art – and for good reason! Embroidered designs can make any piece of clothing look elegant and sophisticated. It can add color and vibrance to plain pieces of cloth, and make everyday wear look expensive!

Traditionally, embroidery is done by hand. However, recent innovations have made it possible to recreate embroidered designs with much precision! This means that we can produce twice as many orders in half the time!

But wait, when should you even consider embroidering designs?

Formal wear, office wear, and elegant couture use embroidery to create the most alluring and finesse looks. If you are planning to have new sets of uniforms made for the office, using embroidery to create awe-striking details in your uniform design can help leave a lasting impression. It can give a sense of professionalism and sophistication depending on how well the design is integrated into the fabric. Of course, other factors such as colors and cut play a role in the overall look of those uniforms as well.

Other than that, you can use embroidery to design hats, gowns, and dresses. Maybe even to create customized gifts for wedding guests and other types of formal events.

Anchorfish Chicago offers both Screen Printing and Embroidery services but it also doesn’t stop there. They also do Vinyl Banners, Stickers, Magnets, and other types of printing and design services – just you name it! Helping businesses, big and small, all over Chicago fulfill their design needs, Anchorfish continues to rise above the competition with our high-quality yet affordable offers.

Check out our service page to learn more about Screen Printing and Embroidery. For custom orders and inquiries, you may also reach out to our team directly through the contact info we have provided on the Contact Us page. Anchorfish Chicago is here to happily serve you and fulfill any of your print design needs!
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