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Contract Printing

When it comes to choosing a contract screen printing for your brand or business, Anchorfish Printing and Embroidery is clearly the best choice. We offer the best customer service, full package services, and a seamless experience.


Choosing a contract screen printer is not easy. When it comes to contract screen printing, you need your printer to provide great customer service, offer fast turnaround, and do quality work. At Anchorfish Printing and Embroidery, we guarantee this. We’ll be there with you every step of the way AND print your merchandise to the highest standard. We’re easy to work with and we consistently print great gear.


Plus! We need to do more than just screen print!


Our list of services include:


Screen printing


Branded merch


Inside neck labels


Hem tags

Hang tags

Fold and bag


Split shipping


We’re looking for new people to work with every day. Whether your business is in Chicago or out on the coasts, we’d love to hear how we can help.