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10 Logo Designs That Just Don’t Work

There are so many possible design directions that you could take as a company. For one, it is going to be the emblem of everything that you want to sell and stand for. This is why it is so important to create the simplest yet most recognizable logo that a company would want. It would be the symbol that everybody in your company will use, so it should be easier to do even with complicated mechanisms like embroidery.

With this medium though, certain designs would not work. Even in traditional ways, these designs would not just work at all. It can make everything seem so lopsided, and it would probably mess up the entire pattern. Sometimes, it just does not look good at all and you need to change it as soon as possible.

Avoid These as Much as Possible

  1. Unintelligible Fonts

If there is one thing that can destroy everything at first glance, it is the use of the font. Certain fonts are universally used because they are easy to read. Do not strive for the cursive like Edwardian Script as this would just be too confusing for your intended audience.

  1. Impossible Lines to Follow

Another thing that is not going to work is so many lines. At most, the best logos can occupy just one-two lines and it already conveys the message. If you need to occupy that much space, then you did not make a logo at all.

  1. Too Many Colors

Colors are great, but the trend these days is minimalism. There is also a lot of issue with using so many of them. It is great if your target market is for kids, but not too much that you are going to incorporate more than the rainbow’s own.

  1. Clashing Colors

This time, you might just be using two shades. However, if they are clashing with each other then there might be some problems. It will depend on how you use it, as there are times when it could work. However, if you are going to put it on text, then you just end up alienating your market.

  1. Too Much Detail

Details are great since it gives so much depth to any kind of work. With logo -making, this can be a hindrance instead since there is so much to take in with just one image. It would also be impossible to embroider, and printing it would probably remove these details anyway.

  1. Old-Fashioned Style

Designs that are “old-fashioned” might be a little too broad but it can also be an encompassing concept. The decisions that do not work are those that look like they were made with a 1990’s computer. With those two bright colors and plastic-like elements, anyone would think that you were stuck in those eras.

  1. Not Aligning Elements

It might seem so illogical, but some people think that it is alright to distance the image from the text for a logo. This would not work at all, even just not aligning them would not make it easy nor palatable for many people.

  1. Images Not In-Sync with the Text

The images that you have chosen should also coincide with the text. No one wants to transact with a lawyer whose logo has fished in them. Even if your name is Fisher, it makes no sense to put a carp or a flounder on your company just because you like fishing so much.

  1. Using Cliparts

This is rather controversial as there are a lot of businesses that started their logos by using clipart. However, those blocky things would not work anymore in the modern world. Even if you are aiming for minimalism, it can still look tacky and immature for the general public.

  1. Ugly for the General Public

Speaking of which, there are just designs that would not work because they are plain ugly. For example, there was one company that used trolls because they are a cleaning company. However, it would not make sense since those trolls from myths do not clean themselves at all. Besides, they are not good to look at unless they look like Shrek. You do not want to infringe with copyright though, so it would be best to avoid this and everyone else above.